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Conferencing & Collaboration

Eliminate travel costs with our leading audio, video, and web conferencing tools!  Whether you are using your phone, Skype, your computer, tablet, or mobile device, we can help!  Communicate and collaborate with others across the globe instantly! See it for yourself.

Hosted VOIP Phone Systems

Cloud based phone systems with full office functionality without any upfront costs.  You owe it to yourself to choose us for your Hosted VOIP Phone Services!  Login to our customized portal and take full control of your new VOIP services here at:  QuickPhone CommPortal

Agent & Partner Program

Whether you are a seasoned conferencing agent or just interested in getting started we can help you begin earning residual income within a few days of joining the GAN Conferencing team! Get a personalized agent portal and all the tools you need here for free: Find out more here.

Advanced Web Conferencing

With no files to download, no time wasted trouble shooting or issues getting in.  You can have everyone together and sharing documents and webcams in no time. At GAN Conferencing we have the web conferencing solutions to meet all your needs. Try it for free!

Choose From Our Suite of Collaborative and Communications Services

We offer an entire suite of communication and collaboration services ranging from audio conferencing to network security and optimization.  Our entire company has been built on the idea of offering our clients the opportunity to communicate with others across the globe as if they were standing right next to them.  Our audio conferencing, video conferencing, and web conferencing services are seamlessly integrated with our Hosted VOIP services, and are elegantly combined with our network security, administration, and optimization tools.  We want to help you bring your communication services to the next level and we offer a wide range of cloud-based services and flexible subscription options to meet your needs.  If you would like to view our services in a categorical format click here.