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How a Web Conferencing Service Like QVP Builds Trust Among Your Users

Do you need to connect a disparate sales team for a sales meeting via an audio conference, or want to broadcast your annual conference to every employee within your company? With Quick Visuals Pro functionality, this is possible.Aside from the advanced functionality that this platform offers, perhaps its biggest benefit is its ability to build trust in users. It does this by doing things like giving your company a personalized domain, which shows that you are you, and by providing toll free numbers, which shows you won’t be sticking participants with extra fees. The result is a platform that helps build confidence not just in itself, but in your brand as well. QVP: The Web Conferencing Solution You Can Trust With many other web conferencing solutions on the market, it is not possible to host the integrated solutions on the company’s own domain. With QVP, however, every company that deploys…

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Why BusinessesShould Adopt a Wireless LAN

In order for your business to work at maximum levels of productivity it is essential that employees are provided with the very best tools to complete their tasks. Of course, things like training and employee support are extremely important in this respect, but just as important is having a wireless business network that everyone in an organization can connect to. Wireless LANs increase connectivity and productivity considerably, and any business that is not taking network optimization seriously in the 21st century is missing a trick. Benefits of a Wireless LAN You have heard everybody talking about wireless networks, but why exactly should you deploy one across your business? Roaming.The days of being chained to your desk in order to complete work tasks are over – at least if your business has a wireless network. When a wireless LAN is deployed across a workplace, an employee can take their work laptop…

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Meraki Makes Managing Large Scale Networks Easier

Managing large scale networks is certainly a challenge. Factors like security, scalability and complexity must be dealt with, and adding new networks or branch locations is tough. Even simply identifying issues with hardware or a growing range of devices is difficult, but Meraki makes managing large-scale networks simpler than ever before. Simplified Security and Consistency Using the Meraki dashboard, you can easily search multi-network environments, copy your favorite settings from one wireless network to another and even assign tags to different networks. These features make managing multiple networks far easier. You can add tags to your devices in an array of locations, like different retail locations, corporate offices or warehouse, then easily configure a new device to match the settings of that location. This simplifies security and consistency in each one of the networks. Easy Access and Assessment Meraki offers many other features that make managing a large-scale environment simple….

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The Many Benefits of Cloud Managed Wireless Networks

Cloud managed wireless systems simplify wireless networking. Built only from the highest grade components, they deliver greater user capacity, faster connections, increased coverage and a reduction in support calls. Cloud managed wireless systems also increase visibility into your network’s devices, applications and users, allowing for rich analysis and a more optimized end-user experience. Our wireless solutions include a number of features that are easy to set up and use, including: Identity-Based Firewalls Firewalls, bandwidth limits and VLAN tags are automatically assigned to ensure that every class of users on the wireless network works under the proper policies. Centralized Management on One Screen The entire network is easy to manage from one screen, reducing the hassle of managing multi-site networks. Devices across many different sites can easily be managed from one screen in real time, eliminating the need to expand your IT staff. Easy Analytics The increased visibility of cloud based…

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Video Marketing Tips for Your Business

Video marketing is a powerful tool for expanding your business’s reach, conveying information and turning website clicks into customers, but not just any video will do. Like carefully crafted web copy and persuasive blogs, videos have their own sets of rules for what makes them the most effective. Follow these tips to create videos that grab attention, effectively convey your message and inspire viewers to take the next action. Get to the Point Size matters when it comes to video marketing. The most-shared video ads of all time have an average length of just over four minutes. This is just long enough to deliver a well thought out message and create an emotional connection with viewers, but it is short enough to fight off boredom. Internet video viewers are not known for their long attention spans, so your video should be concise and to-the-point for maximum impact. Focus on Professional…

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Video Marketing: Priceless but Affordable

Online video marketing has exploded in recent years. Each day, more than 3 billion videos are viewed on YouTube, and almost half of all Internet users watch at least one video each day. While some of these videos are purely for entertainment purposes, a large percentage feature product information, tutorials, testimonials and referrals. This powerful medium has a significant impact on the way people shop online. Over 75 percent of video viewers will visit a business’s website after viewing a promotional video, and website visitors are nearly 65 percent more likely to make a purchase online after watching a video. A whopping 90 percent of Internet users also report that seeing a video is helpful in the buying process. Video marketing is also an essential component of search engine optimization. When search engines like Google and Bing determine search results, they take video into account, and a website is more…

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Video Conferencing and the Future of Your Business

Video communications were once the stuff of science fiction fantasies, but the growth of various technologies in the last decade has made video communications commonplace on our mobile devices and in our homes and offices. Innovative technologies are now making video communications as easy as making a phone call, and the future of mobile video calling is bright. In the next three years, nearly 3 billion people around the globe will have access to the Internet, and over 1 million minutes of video will zoom through the Internet each and every second. Video collaboration will account for a significant amount of those minutes, bringing the tool to a global scale. The screens and cameras of tablets and smartphones are improving every year, and higher bandwidths are being offered my wireless networks. This combination fosters the growth of mobile video calls and video conferencing, and businesses are already seeing the benefits….

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Why Your Business Should Have Operator Support For Its Audio Conferencing

Audio conference calls have become pretty common no matter what industry you’re in or how large your company. They are used for sales calls, board of directors meeting, strategy sessions, and a variety of other reasons. When these calls are small, they are rather manageable, but with bigger conferences it can sometimes be difficult to keep things under control. Operator supported audio conferencing services such as those offered by GAN Conferencing can be an extremely effective solution in these circumstances. Benefits of Operator Assisted Audio Calls These are some of the reasons why operator assisted calls can benefit companies who regularly use audio conferencing: Streamlined Q&A – When your main presentation is over and it is time to hold your Q&A, having your own operator allows you to manage things efficiently. They keep this part of the session from turning into a chaotic free-for-all by keeping it organized and queuing…

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How Webinars Help Your B2B Business Grow

Webinars are a highly effective tool for B2B marketing. In the past, the only way to deliver a message to a large audience was to hold a seminar or conference, requiring travel expenses and juggling of schedules. This old school method has largely been replaced by web-based seminars, or “webinars,” that deliver the same message without requiring participants to spend money and time traveling to a central location. The versatile tool is now used to achieve a variety of business goals, and webinars have become one of the best tools for B2B marketing. Here are just some of the ways webinars can be used: Develop Business Contacts If you are trying to break into a new industry, introduce your business through a webinar to start building your brand name and connect with attendees. When the audience can interact with the speaker, the business seems more personal, and that connection helps…

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Unified Communications Encourages Collaboration at the Office

Collaboration is essential to business success, not matter your industry. It is a win-win situation for both employees and businesses and investing in unified communications is one of the best ways to cultivate a collaborative culture in your company. How Collaboration Helps Your Business When collaboration is encouraged, employees thrive. Two heads are better than one, after all, and collaboration fosters faster innovation because it leverages the efforts and knowledge of your whole team. Teams that are made of individuals with diverse strength are more likely to conquer complex tasks, and they can do it faster than any single employee working alone. Collaboration also builds a more pleasant, cohesive work environment. Businesses that make collaboration a priority see higher employee retention rates and employees are half as likely to think about leaving a position in which they are able to share knowledge and work collaboratively with co-workers. How Unified Communications…